We are connecting business with IT towards the digital transformation

It is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with technology world that is dynamically changing. We will help you to connect modern technologies with business priorities. We will strategically help you with directing towards digital transformation that will ensure your competitiveness in the future and, at the same time, determines technological development of your IT. We will help you with selecting optimal delivery model, proper direction of your technological development, reducing your product time to market, optimizing costs, improving project management or increasing the level of security. Our consulting services cover whole life cycle of your business, we look on your business not only from technological point of view but also from the process and people angle. We utilize our knowledge of current technological trends for helping you with selection of proper business strategy, optimal business processes and organizational readiness.

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General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) enters into validity on the day of 25.5.2018. The new rights are also linked to obligations which must be met by all public subjects providing goods and services within the territory of the European Union. The changes are projected most into internal processes, client – customer documentation and information systems. Sanctions for failure to abide by obligations may reach up to €20 million or 4% of the total annual turnover of the administrator or processor. For this reason it is necessary to start now.

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Smart City denotes an interconnected agglomeration community combining communications infrastructure, service-oriented computer infrastructure based on open industrial standards and innovative services that meet the requirements of an administrative body (e.g. local authority) and commercial subjects. Its geographical dimension may be within the scope of both a municipal district or a metropolis with a population of several million. Smart City provides ever-present access to administrative services and information, both internally between individual offices and administrative organisations (e.g. regional centres), and externally to citizens, commercial subjects or visitors to the city.

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ICT infrastructure

(structured cabling, LAN, WLAN, IPT, UC, CC, managements)

The building block of every information system is a reliable and universal communication infrastructure. We have implemented a range of projects with renowned customers from the field of public administration as well as for commercial organisations. We are a leading supplier of converged multifunctional LAN/WAN data networks for high-speed, reliable and safe data transmission, IP voice/video services, including quality of service IPv6 support.

Following recent technological trends and innovation as well as our customer requirements we can design professional solutions for wireless WLAN networks ensuring user mobility. We conduct WiFi Surveys and create solutions for internal localisation of clients. Additionally, we can also provide our customers with products designed for securing ICT operation services such as Active Directory, Exchange, LDAP, DHCP, Certification Authority, DNS and others.

Data centres, virtualisation, backup and data archiving data

Our focus is on complex design and implementation of data centre architectures, including solutions for virtualisation, backup and data archiving. Our solutions also include high application availability and Disaster Recovery implementation.

Through independent audits of existing backup systems, we can evaluate and subsequently apply the appropriate measures to achieve maximum effectiveness and utilisation of system resources. Our experts will advise you on the solutions for usecuring your data centre infrastructure.

Consultations and technical support

With our highly qualified technical support team we can provide our customers with uninterrupted ICT infrastructure. Our services are operated from a central point called – HelpDesk, available 24/7/365. Technical and service support is provided contractually per customer’s request.

It is possible to utilise the services of remote infrastructure monitoring, regular prophylactic checks or dedicated consultants onsite – in the form of outsourcing or bodyshopping.

Security (from perimeter to SIEM)

Complex solutions properly securing information technologies are the number one priority of any company. Security is our specialty, we focus on design and implementation of network and application infrastructure security as well as remote access and Log & Event Management (SIEM). Today, the essential component of any business is company’s know-how, user identities and sensitive data, their protection as well as protection of their internet connectivity is thus our main goal.

We have long-term experience with large projects in the Czech Republic, protecting critical networks and applications for our customers. We are helping Chief Security Officers to improve protection against security threats and thereby assisting them in resolving the problem of missing qualified security experts. Finally, we help our customers reduce costs and optimise the requirements for information system security.

Project management

In order to ensure smooth order processing and implementation we offer our partners and customers project management solutions led a team of specialists trained and certified for the field of project management.

We use our own method for order management based on current standards and recommendations for project management, such as PMI or ITIL. These are also with accordance to the norms ČSN (Czech Standard Specification) EN ISO 9001:2009 and ČSN ISO/IEC 20000-1. The project methodology thus represents an integrated set of regulations managing the project itself as well as its end result.




Passengera, s.r.o., je společný projekt Simac Technik ČR, a.s., Victrix, s.r.o., a Certicon, a.s. zaměřený na vývoj, prodej a provozování informačního a zábavního portálu (platformy) v dopravních prostředcích po celém světě. Společnost vznikla v srpnu 2015 a klade si za cíl změnit k lepšímu cestování na palubách dopravních prostředků prostřednictvím nejpokročilejší informační a zábavní platformy na trhu.

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